Tokyo first impressions…

Hi everybody !

Today it’s been a great day because we met my friend Kobayashi, native of Tokyo, after some month without knowing anything of him, and it’s been really emotive. The first thing we did together was go to one of the parts of the Old Town, which has a great temple and also one of the best enviroments of the city. We did not a lot of things because of the travel from Kyoto to Tokyo but the first impression I had is that it’s an enormous city. Just only the metro can make you crazy (No, no, I’m not kidding… if you don’t believe me you have to go to Tokyo and take the metro just for one or two stops and you will see what I’m talking about, hahaha).

IMG_6496 IMG_6469

A detail of the entry at the Asakusa Temple (left). At right detail of a typical japanese restaurant (It looks like he is watching us, isn’t it? haha)

IMG_6462 IMG_6491

Two details of the entry at the Asakusa Temple with my sister and my friend Ryuya Kobayashi.

Our first stop was the Asakusa Temple. A great temple followed by a magestic pagoda at the left side of the temple. It’s been great to meet my friend Kobayashi because he told us a little bit the story of the temple (I’m sorry but for the information you can go to the wikipedia, hahaha) at the same time we ate something of the little food shops at the both sides of the way to the front of the temple. My friend Kobayashi told me that there you can find some of the best “sweeties” of Tokyo so we bought some of them and I can asure you they were… aaaaawwwweeeeesooomeeee !!! hahaha.

Finally after that we went to the Ueno park and it’s been great. I really like the park because it seems that the time can stop and there’s always calm and quiet, so if we have time I think I will come again to there.

Now it’s time to go to sleep because we are really tired.

See you tomorrow!

Busu 部苏

IMG_6449 IMG_6531

One of the towers of Tokyo (not the most important) at the left. At right Samurai Statue at Ueno Park
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