Japan awaits us !!


Japan is different. Not only because the culture and the society they have, even also for the weather. We spend the almost time in China and in Korea with rain and storms and it’s been arrive to Fukuoka and the shinny day was brightning us and the sun light was make us happy. It’s been a long time since we did not see the sun above our heads and today was the first day. Sooooo happy !! If you spend almost six month in China you will figure that, hahaha.

Today there’s not a lot to talk about. First of all we woke up early in Gyeongju to go to Busan and after that go to the metro station to make the transfer next to the Busan harbour. Our next destination: Fukuoka. Busan and Fukuoka are separated only by three hours with the ferry so my japanese friend Fumina, told me that a lot of japanese people living in Fukuoka and at the surroundings go to Busan to spend a weekend or to spend some of their holidays. It’s not also so expensive (around 100-150 € moreless), so japanese people goes to the beach of Haeundae. Asian people doesn’t like to much to be under the sun at the beach so you can see a lot of people going to the beach with umbrellas (almost of them are girls and women) to keep the white skin (I heard there’s also some creams that make your skin whiter).

When we made the check in we had overweight in our bags and we thought that we couldn’t take the ship but the girl in Busan took just a superficial look and said “It’s ok. I figure that’s not more than 20 kg. Keep going” with a huge smile and very carefull. We took our bags and start our travel to Fukuoka. When we arrived at the Fukuoka harbour, Fumina was waiting us and we went together to have dinner.

Have you been in Fukuoka? Do you think is an amazing city as I think? What do you like the most?

See you soon!

Busu 部苏.

IMG_5439 IMG_5457

Inside view of the ferry we went with (left) and some kind of fake restaurant we found at the Fukuoka (right).


IMG_5458 IMG_5487

At left, one of the dishes we ate this evening with my friend Fumina and a detail of the Fukuoka metro ticket machine (right).
Esta entrada fue publicada en Fukuoka.


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