Welcome to Korea !!

Finally we are here!

We arrived at Seoul this morning and it’s been great since we landed at the “Pop Idols Land”. The first thing that shocked us up was the fact that they have an amazing airport (very easy to be lost) and also they have… clean bathrooms !!! (the same as we have in Barcelona… hahaha… ironic mode on… ).

IMG_3654Another amazing thing is that they have free water at the airport and in the streets. Next to the water box are a little “inverse hat papers” (sorry… I don’t know how to say them in english to explain them to you, haha o___o ) and you can put the water in there and it’s free charge, so you can drink as many water as you want. Another not so good thing we have seen is that a lot of people at the train, bus, and also walking on the streets uses the phone to listen music, read… I know that South Korea is one of the fastest places in Internet conexion, but … It has to be so evident? Jesus Christ… it looks like they also sleep with the mobile phone !!! o__O”.

Today, as soon as we arrived at “Sinchon Metro Station” we figure that the streets in Seoul are crazy… they are always with the same name of the street but in different numbers… so crazy… We almost get lost but fortunately we found a group of korean young people (one of the girls speaks spanish because she was studying in “Islas Canarias” for many years) who helped us out and show us the “hotel” we booked. I writte “hotel” because it was not really a “hotel”… instead it was more like a “motel” or “love hotel”… We booked two separate beds but when the receptionist found our surname the same, he thought we were couple or something… Finally we had the refund of this hotel and found another one with jacuzzi and all kind of “love things” in there.

Reminder: If you book a room in Sinchon you need to explore the area before, ‘cause it’s easy to be at the “motels” area…

After take a look around, we returned to our “hotel” … Our first day in there it’s been so tired so we go to sleep…

See you tomorrow guys !!

Busu 部苏


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