“Déjà vú” at the light city.

Hi everyone!

A few days before I was at the ancient city of Beijing and now it’s time to move forward, and the next stop is… Shanghai ! I was there some month before but now it’s time to have the experience with my young sister. It’s been a pleasure to have the experience with her and to re-feel all the sensations and feelings I’ve had some time before.

Our arrive at the Shanghai train station was fully of problems… When we was at the Beijing central station we almost lose our train to the “Neon Light City” (I think is a cool name to this city, isn’t it? hahaha) so we had to run as fast as we can to not lose the train. The problem was that in the procedure my big suitcase was broken (T___T) so when we arrived at the Guesthouse in Shanghai we thought to buy a new one. Fortunatelly there was a “Carrefour Market” very next to so we went there… cool! It’s open! We found the baggage section and buy a new one and when we arrived at the guesthouse… surprise ! There was another one inside the big one we bought! (as my mother says: “there’s always calm next to the storm”). So… now I have two bags for the price of one of them ! … awesome!! hahaha.

I will not extend a lot my second travel in Shanghai because I don’t want to repeat things. Our next stop is… Suzhou !!!

C ya !

Busu 部苏






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