I love your smile (我爱你的微笑)

This is my first post in English, so please sorry me if I make some mistakes.

I didn’t knew if it was better in English or in chinese so I will writte in both languages, hahaha. Today I want to thank you one person all the time we spend together. This person is you Sayuri. 从滴一天我们见面我特别想认识你。 你的微笑让我很快乐的时间。 Me and my best friend Daniel called you “最漂亮微笑的日本女儿” because you always was smiling, no matter what or when we found you. 第一天我们找到你是在第二食堂, 你记得吗? 可能你不看到了我因为我每天都跟很多人一起在吃饭。。。很难找到我, O(∩_∩)O哈哈~ 但是有一天我跟你说话。 From this first met all I will remember is the great times we spend, taking coffee, going for a walk, knowing your friends and teachers and also your kindness and sweet. 你每天都我们认识的时候让我非常快乐因为你的甜甜的对话和你的微笑。



你在我的心里面, hope to see you in Japan or in China.

谢谢你, 最漂亮微笑的女人。。。

Busu 部苏


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Un comentario el “I love your smile (我爱你的微笑)

  1. pichurworld dice:

    Aqui me pierdo! pero fijo son cosas buenas xD


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